FIGR Environmental Department

Mission: To maintain an environmental program that protects and preserves the environment for future generations

Our Mission

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Environmental Department Responsibilities

Our primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Pursue projects that reflect this goal- Expand parks, open space and sacred sites within our Territory.
  • Invest resources into the enhancement of environmental education for the Tribe and the public.
  • Utilize trust lands for support of this goal through partnership projects and educational opportunities.
  • Nurture the spirit for Tribal Citizens through involvement with FIGR Environmental Protection Department.
  • Increase Tribal family participation in environmental community projects.
  • Strengthen (utilize) partnerships and collaboration to augment grant applications, programs, projects and to build sense of community.
  • Be a leader in environmental sustainability.
  • Create a Sustainability Plan that accounts for Tribal emissions and addresses areas to improve operation and reduce the Tribes carbon footprint including but not limited to the following
  • Green office policies and procedures.
  • Environmentally friendly project management.
  • Environmental outreach and education.

Our Staff

Environmental Department

Oversight of the Environmental Department is performed by the Interim COO Lynn Silva

Office: 707-566- 2288
Email: lsilva@gratonrancheria.com

Historical Timeline

1861 - United States Congress enacts legislation which effectively extinguishes Indian title to almost all land in California, leaving most tribes, including Graton Rancheria’s ancestors, entirely landless.

Tribal Members