TANF - Education & Employment
The main function of the Tribal TANF Employment and Education Unit is to assess, train, educate, and employ Native American adults so that they can achieve self sufficiency for their family. This goal will be achieved through the use of support services and referral services designed to remove individual barriers to gainful employment and provide each participant with the necessary skills to compete in a challenging labor market.
  • Career Assessment Testing
    • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    • True Colors
  • Career Counseling/Exploration
    • Cover Letter & Resume Assistance
    • Job Application Assistance
    • Job Search Training
    • Criminal Background/Expungement Referrals
    • Tattoo Removal Referrals
  • Education Track Services
    • GED Pre Test/Test Preparation
    • AA, BA/BS, MA/MS and Vocational School Assistance
    • Academic Tutoring
  • Employment Track Services
    • On the Job Training (OJT)
    • Work Incentive Program (WIP)
    • Interview Coaching
    • Job Shadow
    • Resolve Displacement Complaints (disclosure)
  • Workshops
Peggy Frank
Employment and Education Coordinator
707.586.6100 ex:620