Indian Child Welfare Act Services
To protect and preserve FIGR tribal families and FIGR tribal children, including the health and welfare of tribal citizens, while providing services and programs that are reflective and respectful of the Tribe's inherent sovereignty, cultural traditions, customs and values.
To promote the development of practices and policies that advocates for Indian children being raised in Indian homes, including the tribe's provisions to be a strong role in the making of placement decisions involving minors enrolled in the tribe.
  • Judicial System Advocacy
    1. Court appearances in person or by phone.
    2. Advocacy with ICWA cases.
    3. FIGR Advocate coordinates with county to develop a case plan for the child and family that is reflective of their cultural heritage.
  • Cultural Relevancy
    Referral to culturally appropriate services to strengthen family wellness, address any substance abuse or domestic violence and provide parenting support that honors one's cultural practices and traditions. This includes engaging the children into programs and services that are provided through the Tribal Youth Programs.

  • Family Centered Approach
    Provide Home Visitation within the county of Sonoma and Marin, to ensure the well beingof children in the home and provide parenting support that is in alignment with the values of the family and tribe.
    Provide case specific supportive services provided to current or potential Indian custodian that would promote the retention or restoration of custody of an Indian child.
Lara Walker MFT
ICWA Advocate