Housing Services Department
To improve the living conditions of Tribal Citizens by providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing, eradicating substandard housing, reducing overcrowding, and increasing the affordability of rental housing and homeownership opportunities through the provision of supportive services and financial assistance programs in a fair and impartial manner.
  • To assist participants in obtaining or maintaining safe and affordable housing.
  • Conduct eligibility and intakes for services in the department.
  • Provide security deposits and monthly rental assistance payments.
  • To provide tools for learning and utilizing financial stability
  • Conduct rental assistance participant self-sufficiency education workshops, one-on-one counseling and other related support activities.
  • Conduct Federal environmental reviews for home rehabilitation services.
  • Obtain licensed contractors for construction-related activities for selected homes.
  • Assist tribal citizens with energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Tenant advocacy - Information and assistance to ensure tenants' rights.
  • Monthly rental assistance payments.
  • Security deposit assistance for rental units.
  • Rental assistance participant health & safety home inspections.
  • Workshops/counseling for self-sufficiency of rental assistance participants in financial literacy , job seeking skills, job retention, obtaining a GED and resume creation.
  • One-on-one financial counseling.
  • Home rehabilitation services to home owners.
  • Down payment assistance to first time home buyers.
  • Home buyer education workshops.
  • Energy bill payment assistance.
Ralph Sepulveda, Housing Director, (Office) 707-566-2288 x113, (Fax) 707-206-0351
(E-mail) rsepulveda@gratonrancheria.com
Danielle Salinger, Housing Assistant, (Office) 707-566-2288 x114, (Fax) 707-206-0351
(E-mail) dsalinger@gratonrancheria.com