Environmental and Cultural Preservation Department
To maintain an environmental and cultural program that preserves the Tribe's culture, community and ethics, and integrates them into the Tribe's operations, projects, opportunities, partnerships, and programs on the tribal trust land and throughout the ancestral territory.
  • Preserve, promote and enhance the Tribe's rich cultural and environmental assets, deep rooted historical ecology and Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK).
  • Pursue projects that reflect this goal- Expand parks, open space and sacred sites within our territory.
  • Invest resources into enhancement of education for the Tribe and the public.
  • Utilize trust lands for support of this goal through partnership projects and educational opportunities.
  • Protect and preserve cultural and biological resources important to the Tribe.
  • Nurture the spirit for Tribal Citizens through involvement with FIGR Environmental Protection Department.
  • Increase Tribal family participation.
  • Foster involvement of Tribal youth programs and projects.
  • Develop family-friendly events, facilities, services, programs.
  • Strengthen access through Tribal transportation services.
  • Strengthen (utilize) partnerships and collaboration to augment grant applications, programs, projects and to build sense of community.
  • Build on existing relationships.
  • Educate and enhance future relationships.
  • Be a leader in environmental sustainability.
  • Create a Sustainability Plan that accounts for Tribal emissions and addresses areas to improve operation and reduce the Tribes carbon footprint including but not limited to the following:
    1. Green office policies and procedures.
    2. Environmentally friendly project management.
    3. Environmental outreach and education.
  • Facilitating community engagement in FIGR environmental Initiatives
  • Environmental Education and Outreach
  • Long Term Planning and MOU/MOA and Mitigation Monitoring
  • Environmental Partnerships:
    1. County Parks
    2. Mitigation measures and disbursements
    3. Tolay Master Plan
    4. Laguna Watershed Partnerships
  • Trust Land Planning
  • Wetlands
  • Agriculture
  • Native Wildlife
  • Learning Center, Interpretative signage and trails
  • Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK)
  • Tribal Historic Preservation/Sacred Sites Protection
  • Cultural Preservation
Gillian Hayes, Director of Planning and Development
Briana Albini, Environmental Coordinator