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The Tribal Citizen Login of this website contains information relating to the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria ('FIGR' or 'Tribe') that is confidential and proprietary to the Tribe, is available only to members of the Tribe ('Tribal Citizens') who are authorized to log onto the Tribal Citizen Login, and is not to be copied or disclosed to anyone. The FIGR Tribal Council, through authorization by the FIGR General Membership, reserves the right to amend or revoke this authorization at any time, without notice.

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  1. You understand that as a citizen of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, you are authorized to access the material contained on this website through the Tribal Citizen Login upon registering online as a Tribal Citizen user and that such access is a privilege, not a right, of Tribal citizenship.
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  3. All of the information, including but not limited to Tribal documents, images, and video/audio recordings, contained in the Tribal Citizen Login of this website is considered by the Tribe to be 'Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria Confidential Information' that is sensitive to the Tribe and shall not generally be made public or provided by the Tribe or by any Tribal Citizen to anyone other than FIGR Tribal Citizens or FIGR employees or agents, unless the person disclosing such information has been authorized by the Tribe or such disclosure is made with the consent of the Tribe. As such, you agree to keep all information posted in the Tribal Citizen Login confidential, and refrain from distributing to anyone outside the Tribe, including but not limited to refraining from re-posting all or any part of the FIGR Confidential Information on any other website or social media platform, except that you may discuss such information at meetings of the FIGR Tribal Council, General Council, committees, and boards, and with other Tribal Citizens.
  4. You acknowledge that any unauthorized disclosure made by you of FIGR Confidential Information to anyone outside the Tribe or otherwise in violation of these Terms and Conditions will result in irreparable injury to the Tribe and is prohibited as a matter of Tribal law.
  5. You understand that failure on your part to abide by these Terms and Conditions and to maintain confidentiality of FIGR Confidential Information may result in your being denied access to the Tribal Citizen Login and possible sanction under Tribal law. If the Tribe discovers that you have engaged in unauthorized disclosure of any FIGR Confidential Information, you hereby consent to the suspension by the Tribe, without prior notice, of your access to the Tribal Citizen Login.
  6. You agree that the Tribal Citizen Login is provided by the Tribe as a service to its Citizens and does not create for any person or entity a right to make any claim against the Tribe. By using this site, you agree that nothing contained in this site or these Terms and Conditions constitutes a waiver of the Tribe's sovereign immunity or that of its employees, officials, agents, or enterprises.
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